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Artifacts Of Avalon Expansion Set Contains:
     20 Magic Item Game Cards (examples above & below)

Expansion Designed By: Robert Kraus, Chris Bair, Joe Cox, and Ben Secaur
Art By: Robert Kraus (illustrator) and Eric Kemphfer (colorist)

Copyright 1998 RAK GRAPHICS


Artifacts Of Avalon Rules-

How to Play:
Lay out the Dragon War game cards as usual. Place the artifact cards on the board randomly so that each arrow points to a game square. Only one artifact can be on any one game card. When a player lands on that square, he or she picks up the artifact card and places it face up in that player's playing area. The card's ability goes into effect immediately and lasts until the artifact is destroyed or until the game ends. If any player wins a battle and rolls at least a 6 for the loser's loss of life, the winner may choose to destroy one of the loser's artifacts intead of that player losing 6 life. Any artifact that is destroyed is removed from the game. No player may have more than 3 artifacts in his or her playing area at any time. If a player has 3 artifacts and lands on another one, that player must take the new artifact and replace it with any other artifact that player has.




Examples of Artifact of Avalon Game Cards