Welcome to the THUNDER MACE page of my website. The Thunder Mace character was created by me, RAK, and my good friend Rick Sellers in the early 1980s. Rick designed the look of the characters costume, while I came up with the storyline. I started my company RAK graphics with the publication of the ltd. edition Thundermace #1. It was limited to 1,000 copies, and featured the first appearance of CHAKAN the forever man who would later star in his own SEGA video game. Thunder Mace would run seven issues, and was a true labor of love for me. I hope to finish the saga one day for all the fans the character has. Below is the cover of the first issue, and the seven page origin of the character that was featured in the book!!! Enjoy, and if you want to pick up a set of the books, they will be available here soon or shoot me an e-mail!!!!

Here is the THUNDER MACE ORIGIN story. This art and story was done while I was in my early twenties, but I still am proud of the artistic sweat and blood I shed working on it. I reset the type to make it more legible on the web, but the art is the same as the original. Enjoy!!!


Here are some of the books THUNDER MACE appeared in. Click on any of the covers to order!!!

This is the first copy of TM, limited to 1,000 copies. It is the first time CHAKAN sees print. It was picked up by the comic distributors and the rest, as they say, is history.

This is the first book that saw national distribution, and it sold 20,000 copies across the USA. Below are the next few issues of the first run.

This is book four, at which time the comic industry totally tanked, with many distributors and stores going out of business, many of them owing me money. I had to regroup, so I took some time off and returned with the first four books combined into a graphic novel, and then continuing the series with smaller print runs.

This is the book that combined the first four issues! Issues 5-7 followed, by which time CHAKAN was really attracting a following, and I wanted to move on to that character. CHAKANs graphic novel spawned a video game from SEGA and I never had time to finish the saga. I am seriously considering completing the series (3 more books to go) I love the new format that my CHAKAN books are using, so I might go that route! Thanks for traveling down memory lane with me, and hopefully you'll pick up a copy!!!

Thundermace #5

Thundermace #6

Thundermace #7


Here are the main characters of the THUNDER MACE saga and their stats.

Here are some cool facts about the Mace armor.